Please Read Carefully

SysBud Company thanks to all those clients who supported the company and helped us move forward on our route. We consider the happiness and guidance of the customer as paramount, therefore money back policy has been implemented on all our tools. With the consideration of the given objections and conditions, all the facts of the withdrawal are displayed here.

Please, read all detail carefully before claiming the refund. It is essential for your awareness as well as we strictly advise to use DEMO of the related software before purchasing the utility, make sure that it is capable of providing the format according to your desire. If the result is opposite to the user's will, then we will fully assist you in money back.

Guidelines for Refund Money

30 Days money back policy is applicable on all SysBud utilities but it should be related to the following guidelines

  • All client can purchase any tool of SysBud through our Official website and Authorised seller.
  • We have the right to grant a full license for each solution, which will usually work only with a related product.
  • Sysbud takes responsibility for all those publications that are done by us. So any kind of impracticality with the product is the customer's responsibility.
  • If there is any problem after purchasing a product, then he can talk directly to the support team, and also contact for the delay in getting the product or license. If the purchased product not able to transfer the email successfully, you can claim within 30 days to recover the money.

The following conditions need to be certified for a refund

  • If there is some disparity in the demo and purchased version of the product or the feature has not been given in the product.
  • The support team is unable to assist you or does not resolve the query within the given time.
  • The refund can also be applied in case the DEMO version is working perfectly and the license-consumption product version fails to do so.

Important points:

  • We suggest contacting the support team and tell them the error so that they can solve your problem in every way.
  • If our support team is unable to assist you, then we apologize and urge you to share your data on our official mail [email protected] and we will have full support in maintaining the confidentiality of the data. After analyzing the data by experts, the data and the appropriate solution will be sent to client
  • If support and expert teams both are unable to provide a solution, then we are fully obliged to refund the money and we will try our best to reach you as soon as possible.

Out of our scope

  • The client is not able to communicate or delay in communication
  • Delay in delivering the software
  • If server mark as spam of sending email.
  • Delay from server side or any other reckless issues.
  • If you buy the wrong product
  • Any problems in your operating system or block by an unwanted program
  • If the software specifications do not match the given system requirements.
  • Please ensure the compatible platform before purchasing the software.

Refund will not process in given criteria

  • We already recommend to use demo version first, if you are hesitating in it or not satisfied with full edition after purchasing, refund will not process.
  • FTP or client-side failure problem is found to upload data
  • The software fails to execute the fixed transfer process and if other software is unable to execute the same process, then the refund will not be made, but a refund can be claimed if the transfer is confirmed by other software.
  • If data almost or 35% secure convert and migrate by any of our software then claim will not process
  • After purchasing the utility, If the customer claims that he has not used it or buys it by mistake.
  • If the requirements have not been checked before purchasing the software utility.
  • If the 30-day time period expires after the software purchase.