Please Read Carefully

SysBud knows your data value and strictly adheres to the rules to keep your data confidential without any losses. We provide all kind of good results related to migration and data recovery to maintain the client's trust. At the time of order, we ask for general information to deliver the product to the right place from the customer, which can be used to promote customer service.

Our first objective is to safe all information given by the customer with privacy. We fully assure customers that no part of the data will be used for profit from us and this will be considered as a crime.

Therefore, we request the customer that when browsing the site and filling the any information, keep this in mind. We ask only the necessary information to deliver the product and we have no other purpose. Any type of information related to the product and requirements is taken from customer's consent.

At the time of placing order

Our purchase page is created by some general information such as customer name, email address and phone number. We send your order on the basis of these details with the product and key.

Support Team

Your given information is also shared with our support team which maintains a database for the future. Therefore, you are alerted that the information is also used for product issue and technical help, so fill out all the information correctly.

Customer feedbacks

Customer feedback is more valuable to us. With the help of suggestions, we get to know "how much our tool is effective for the client and what future updates can be possible." These types of information are like just a little survey of the tool, you are using as well as it keeps safe in company record.

Full Security and Compatiblity

The SysBud software is certified by the window firewall and another antivirus, so it does not affect the performance and speed of the system. All rules are strictly adhered, if any work is found outside the security limits, SysBud software will not be considered responsible for it.

Privacy Policy Change

SysBud software has the full right to change and amend its privacy policy at any time. Whose information will be posted immediately on this page. So visit this page to check for updates.